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Sites Outside the Neocities Realm
HTML and website making resources
Neocities Beginner HTML Tutorial A beginner HTML guide actually here on neocities. This features a little interactive comic with neocities' mascot Penelope and goes through the basics of HTML in an easy to understand way.
The BEST resource for HTML, CSS, and Javascript and other web programming languages. This site has a bunch of beginner guides and references for all the tags, commands, etc for these languages.
Another great resource for learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This site has lessons for beginner, intermediatem and advanced programmers.
Simple HTML Guide Yet another fantastic HTML resource. This site has an HTML cheat sheet for quick reference.
WebsiteRankings' CSS layout generator A simple, straigoward CSS layout generator.
CSS Plant Another CSS layout generator.
98.css The stylesheet for this windows 98 theme.
Photomosh Add glitch effects to your images.
glitch2 Another glitch photo editor with more glitchy effects :D
Gifcities A gif search engine from's Geocities archive.
Glitter Text Maker A glitter text generator!
LunaPic An online photo editor with photo effects and animations.
Artbreeder A neural network for combining and breeding images together.
hellocatfood This links to an article about databending and creating glitch art using Audacity.
Bforartists A fork of the 3d modelling software Blender which simplifies its interface and makes it easier to use.
MyBlinkie Add words to blinkies.
petpet Petting gif generator.
Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator Create custom windows 98/ xp error messages.
Web Button Maker 88x31 button maker.
Textanim Animated text generator.
Drawing Software
MyPaint A free and open-source drawing software with an unlimited canvas. This program is my personal favourite and I primarily use it for my sketches!
Krita A free and open-source alternative to programs like Paint Tool Sai and photoshop. Krita also has tools for animation as well
Gnu IMP Also known as Gnu Image Manipulation Program. Another free, open-source, multiplatform alternative to photoshop. This program has a bunch of drawing and photo editing features.
FireAlpaca A free Paint Tool Sai alternative avaliable on Windows and Mac.
jspaint A browser-based classic MS Paint clone.
Drawpile A free and multiplatform collaborative drawing program.
Drawing Resources
Egg a Zyoutatsu A Japanese website with a bunch of drawing exersizes. All the games run in Flash.
A vaporwave, synthwave, and experimental electronic bandcamp label with new releases every week.
Mod Archive An archive of old and new tracker module (music) files.
Radiooooo Online radio with music from different decades around the world!
DAWs and Music Software (mostly trackers)
Warmplace Various audio/visual software.
Deflemask A multisystem chiptune tracker for the Sega Genesis, NES, Gameboy, etc...
Famitracker An NES/Famicom tracker.
0cc Famitracker A modified version of famitracker with added features.
Free, opem-source, and multiplatform FastTrackerII clone.
Audacity Free and open-source audio recording and editing software.
LMMS Free and open-source DAW.
A fully fleged powerful tracker DAW with plugin support. Commercial software.
Pure Data Multimedia programming language.
BeepBox Browser fakebit maker
Blokdust A neat browser generative music maker using blocks.
FM Composer An open-source tracker with a fully custom fm engine. This program is only officially supported on windows but it works perfectly in wine.
Abundant Music A browser random music generator
Dunc's Algomusic Another cool random music generator.
Music resources
Musical Artifacts Downloads for soundfont files (SF2).
Kiarchive and WaveWorld samples A modarchive forum link to kiarchive and waveworld samples for use in trackers like Milkytracker.
Browser Games
Javascript based browser games.
Lexaloffle Play Pico-8 games. Pico-8 itself is commercial software, but you can play the games published on the bbs for free.
EYEZMAZE Home of the famous Growth puzzle flash games from back in the day.
Home of some popular pixel art styled flash games from the flash days.
OneMoreLevel One of my favourtie flash game sites :0
BlueMaxmaima's Flashpoint A flash game emulator and game archive project.
ETC. Stuff that needs to be put in categories or things that i find interesting
An archive of old sites, games, books and more!
The Cutting Room Floor A site documenting unused content from games.
Hidden Palace An archive of game prototypes and stuff.
An amazingly designed site about 90's nostalgia.
kokoscript A cute blog with lots of cool stuff.
An archived site of an old japanese mmo called Sapari.
Y2K and Web 2.0 themed webzine.
Web 1.0 style search engine.
A site about the Lorem Ipsum dummy text.
Rustic Cyberpunk aesthetics.
(not sure if this is neocities or not) a super cute site, filled with lots of cats and old web aesthetics.
Human curated web directory
17776 What football will look like in the future