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Welcome to my adventures in Machine Repair!

One of my favourite pass times when im not doing creative stuff is taking electronics apart and finding out how they work and figuring out what to do if they need to be fixed!

Today's subject is the Yamaha RX-S70, a sound system that my parents bought sometime in the mid 90's before I was born, they let me have it recently seeing as I became interested in collecting vinyls, tapes, cds, and was motivated to get this thing close to its 100% working condition.

Here's an unprofesional drawing I did in KolourPaint (linux's mspaint equivalent) of the unit. These hefty boys are the reciever on the top, dual cassette deck in the middle, and a 3 cd carusel player on the bottom.

This thing has many cool features such as aux output, a radio tuner that i havent figured out, and a phono preamp so i can listen to my records. the cassette deck has Dolby B and C noise reduction and auto reverse, fancy. and that cd player has a rotating drawer that can switch between 3 cds, ultra cool B^)

Deck B on the tape deck decided to stop working again recently, which reminded me to actually write this page. i think a belt went loose or something. and the cd drawer is having trouble opening on its own so i might as well take care of that while im at it.

A thing with cassette players and cd players is that they're built very similary, so unlike looking up repairs for a computer or console, you don't have to be specific with web searching. it was actually pretty difficult finding repair guides for my unit but searching something like "auto reverse cassette deck repair" or "cd player skips" will help get you in the right direction. also keep in mind some players are easier to get into than others, mine isnt so easy unfortunately lol. Alright, enough blabber! Let's get on with the repair!

On with the repair~~~~~

Alright here is the cd player and cassette sprawled across my floor.

insert image of my units on the floor

Before we start, we need some supplies:

Now lets start, start by unplugging from mains power or remove batteries if any, its dangerous working on electronics that are connected to power. im gonna start with my cd player seeing as its easier lol. remove the top cover to reveal the insides.

image of the spooky insides of the cd player. also talk about the previous solution about the player skipping cds and all that